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List Builder
List Builder from Data Harvesting
List Builder collects visitor information from web forms.

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IT made easyThis is IT made easy
No tech skills required
Fully installed for you
Set it and forget it
Works on any web site

Low-cost licensing
Web licence includes configuration, unlimited users, unlimited usage and telephone support. Terms: 3, 12, 24 and 36 month options available.

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Data Harvesting
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If your web visitors complete your web forms you need List Builder. Collects data from all web forms on your website, building clean and updated lists of leads, enquiries, competition entries, etc. Keeps your in-box clear, no more e-mails to read or names and addresses to type up. Your list grows without you doing anything. List Builder
Just Sardinia selects List Builder
Just Sardinia specialises in holidays on the Italian island of Sardinia. Their busy website handles hundreds of thousands of brochure requests. Families choosing next year’s holiday ask for a brochure online and expect it to be in the post the next day. During busy times staff worked day and night to process requests. They needed to find a better way.
Solution: List Builder from Data Harvesting was selected because it eliminated all the manual work. One key bottleneck was staff receiving the requests in their e-mail and having to read and re-type each name and address before posting the brochures out. List Builder replaced the non-stop manual tasks with a professional list built directly from the web form. No human intervention required.
Outcome: Every brochure request is added automatically to the daily list. Each day one clean and ready-to-print file arrives at the office and takes under a minute to print them all off. Hours of hard work each day eliminated. No more typing. No more full e-mail in-boxes. Key staff now spend more time taking bookings.
100% compatible
Works with any web form
High capacity
Clean data
Automatically cleans name and address data
Postcode lookups
Invisible when working
Trusted, reliable, always on
No more typing of names and addresses
Daily SMS showing total requests
One daily file of ready-to-print enquiries
Stay in control
with live reports
at any time